This blog tells the legend and mighty voyages of the Leviathan - a Raspberry PI Robot.

What is Project Leviathan?

Project Leviathan is an attempt to create a miniature electric boat robot capable of autonomous navigation using Raspberry Pi as computer. The history of this project dates back to March 2013. Our original intent was to create a navigation system for an actual boat, Matti's Korkeasaari. Constructing a steering actuator to an old boat like this turned out to be a difficult task, so we decided to postpone the project for a while. As we had our software and a cool navigator algorithm ready, we wanted to test how it performs in real-life environment. We constructed a small, RC-like boat to act as testbed to find out what practical problems could arise when software hits the boundary of the real world. In this blog we are going to show and tell what problems we had during software and hardware development and how we solved them.

What is the goal of the project?

The goal of the project is to create an autonomous vechicle, which will be be able to

  • Navigate autonomously on a lake using GPS
  • Follow pre-defined route(s)
  • Perform pre-defined tasks
  • Communicate with user through mobile UI
  • Capture photos + record video as commanded
  • Survive in outdoor environment at least 5 - 8 hours

Most of the goals are already met at least in theory - incoming tests will show well the device actually performs.

What is the status of the project?

Project Leviathan is now ready for first tests in real-life environment. The hardware and software are mostly ready - stay tuned for details!

Why is it called "Leviathan"?

I wanted to name the apparatus by some kind of sea monster, and Leviathan was the first name which came into my mind. Leviathan is mentioned eg. in the book of Job. Altough our robot boat does not represent a coiled sea serpent, name is still valid - according to Hebrew mythology, Leviathan was among the first creatures God created. Leviathan is a prototype, and we will definitely build a better version once we get the basic concept working.

Who are we?

The project Leviathan is created and authored by Go Digi Oy, i. e. Matti and Heikki. We are 2 software professionals, good friends and neighbors. Since 2013 we have been doing software projects together as hobby. 

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